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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

Skarrde was a Zentraedi Officer who was created on 7 April 1968. Serving under Khyron during the First Robotech War, Skarrde survived the final battle of the war and would later rejoin the armies of Khyron during the Malcontent Uprisings.

During his time serving under Khyron, Skarrde entered Flood City with a detachment of Zentraedi and shot down a Catseye Recon belonging to the RDF. Jack Archer, a member of Wolf Squadron under the command of Helena Chase, entered the city to recover the crew. While he was ultimately successful, he was ambushed by Skarrde, who attempted to kill the pilot. To the Zentraedi's shock, he was defeated, and forced to retreat from the battle. After this event he was stationed under the command of Zeraal, an ambitious Zentraedi warlord with plans of his own for the wasteland. In time, he became loyal to Zeraal, rather then Khyron.

Sometime later Skarrde and Gorian, another commander in service to Zeraal, attacked the town of Little Mesa. While Skarrde did not appear to take part directly in the fighting, he did nothing to stop Gorian from opening fire on the civilian shelters. This act was witnessed by Jack Archer and Hiro Ishi, the latter of whom was so enraged by what he witnessed that he ordered the death of every Zentraedi still in Little Mesa. Skarrde attempted to escape only to be shot down by the RDF Forces.

Crashing in a nearby train depot, he was confronted by Archer and Ishi. While Archer was willing to offer Skarrde a fair trial in exchange for surrender, Hiro wanted to murder the crippled Zentraedi warrior, forcing Archer to disable Hiro's Destroid. Skarrde asked Archer why he did this as he did not understand, only for the pilot to declare that Skarrde would never truly understand, and that Hiro was probably right to attack him. He then allowed the Zentraedi to leave without a fight.

The mercy shown by Archer caused Skarrde to have a change of heart and he defected to the Robotech Defense Force. Acting as a spy in Zeraal's top chain of command, Skarrde procured vital data for the RDF, which was later recovered by Archer. Shocked by the Zentraedi's change of heart, Jack thanked him, and promptly took the data back to the RDF. While his fate is never revealed, it is heavily implied he was killed for treachery by Zeraal's forces. (Robotech: Battlecry)


While serving under Zeraal, Skarrde showed traits common of a Zentraedi. He was proud, vicious, hated humans, and was a fierce warrior. However, after Jack Archer saved his life, Skarrde began to see the aims of Zeraal as cruel, and he started to see the beauty in human life. Rather then being affected by human culture like so many other Zentraedi, Skarrde was affected by humans themselves. He chose to do whatever he could to help them which would ultimately cost him his life.

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