SKull one in action

Skull-One in Battloid mode. (Macross Saga: "Countdown")

Skull-One, previously known as the YF-1 prototype, was a VF-1S Valkyrie and one of the most famous human Veritechs in history.


YF-1 prototype01

The YF-1 prototype in 2006.

Skull-One was one of several prototypes built for Project Valkyrie following the discovery of Robotechnology. It was assigned to test pilot Roy Fokker after he joined the program.

The YF-1 saw its first combat action against Anti-Unification League force in 2006 when it came to the aid of a United Earth Government transport on its way to Macross Island. The YF-1 was able to destroy at least three enemy fighters in the engagement. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 3: The Program")

Post-First Robotech War

In 2015, a year after the end of the First Robotech War Skull-One was retired from service. As the oldest surviving Veritech fighter Doctor Emil Lang had it dismantled for study to aid in the Advanced Veritech Fighter program. (Comic: "Robotech: From the Stars 0: Promises")