Crystal Dreams SDF-3

South America visible from space.

South America was the Southern part of the Americas, where Scott Bernard crash-landed after the destruction of the 21st Mars Division.


Third Robotech War

During his quest to reach Reflex Point, Scott Bernard started out in South America. He was joined by Rand, an adventurous teenager willing to stop the Invid, Annie LaBelle, an orphan searching for a husband, Lancer Belmont, a REF survivor and singer, Rook Bartley, a former-biker, Lunk, a former REF engineer and later an amnesiac girl they named "Marlene". Together they formed a Resistance Group to fight the Invid as they attempted to reach Reflex Point in North America.

After a year of traveling, Scott and his group were able to reach North America via a former Southern Cross Battleship they found near Panama.

Known Locations

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