Space Station Liberty. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)


Space Station Liberty was a former Zentraedi space station captured by Human forces following the end of the First Robotech War.

During the Second Robotech War, Space Station Liberty was cut off from Earth by the Robotech Masters, and the Army of the Southern Cross deployed Dana Sterling and Marie Crystal to reestablish communications. Following a successful operation, Liberty sent word to the REF that the Robotech Masters had arrived on Earth. (Masters Saga: Volunteers)

Space Station Liberty, like the other bases in the solar system, escaped destruction when the Invid arrived. The REF, who had been on the way home since the Second Robotech War, arrived at Liberty in preparation for the reclamation of Earth. Following the Battle of Reflex Point, damaged vessels returned to the station for repairs.

The station was then attacked by the Haydonite armada, marking the start of the Fourth Robotech War. The Haydonites who believed that the SDF-3 had fled to the station following a botched attempt to destroy it. However, upon arrival, the SDF-3 was nowhere to be found. The defending REF forces were decimated by the Haydonites due to their use of compromised shadow technology, and the arrival of Icarus did little to stop them. In a final attempt to halt the Haydonite invasion, the station was destroyed by Vince Grant, who detonated the station's supply of Neutron-S Missiles. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)


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