The Sentinels arrive at Spheris.

Spheris was a crystalline world located in the Local Group. The crystalline structure meant that it was sensitive to Protoculture emissions which generated catastrophic harmonic and quantum resonances in the very fabric of the world. Energy blasts impacting the crystals would be redirected and shatter the crystal themselves. Heavier weapons destroyed the sensitive crystal lattices of the planet, thus creating devastating damage to Spheris.

At some unknown point in the past, it was believed that the mysterious being known as Haydon arrived and imbued the native crystals with life thus bringing about the emergence of the Spherisians. It would be one of the many worlds seeded with a mutated strain of the Flower of Life by Zor, leading to its conquest by the Robotech Masters. Tirolian scientists such as Sorcen were stationed on the planet to study the natives and used a number of them as their servants.

It would be conquered by the ravenous Invid and occupied as part of their empire. The native Spherisians would later hide underground, where their elders urged them to remain in their new environment until the Invid departed. However, younger Spherisians led a number of resistance campaigns against the Invid with all of them failing. Baldan and Teal were two inhabitants of the planet taken from the world by Tesla who later joined the Sentinels. After freeing Haydon IV, the Robotech Expeditionary Force along with the Sentinels moved to liberate Spheris.

Teal would later urge her allies not to engage in open conflict with the Invid as the use of Protoculture weapons would have devastated the fragile ecosystem of Spheris thus leading to the death of many Spherisians.


According to Robotech Art 3, Spheris is described as lifeless planet a long time ago with a surface that is covered in crystal and water. Then a meteor slammed into Spheris. This meteor contained viruses that eventually evolved into the Spherians.

The Sentinel comics ended at Book 4 and thus the liberation of Spheris was not portrayed in the Waltrip comics. However, a timeline issue would have shown it being freed from Invid control and the Sentinels as well as REF being outfitted with Spherisian crystal technology.

In Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, by the time T. R. Edwards rebels against the REF, its commented that the Sentinel worlds had all been liberated.


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