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Sue Graham was an intelligence officer of the 36th Squadron of the Jupiter Section, a department of Jupiter Base of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF). She was an experienced videographer responsible for documenting reconnaissance data from the battlefield. She volunteered to oversee the deployment of the new Synchro Cannon and to report to command regarding the capabilities of the Invid on Earth. She also carried data regarding the new Shadow Technology that was to be used by VFA-6X Shadow Fighter during the final battle on Reflex Point. She was a highly dedicated soldier that came off somewhat cold to her comrades. She was declared missing in action, after contact with her battalion was lost.


Third Robotech War

With the Mars Division's disastrously unsuccessful attempts at liberating the Earth from Invid domination, Sue embarked on a reconnaissance mission to gather clues about this mysterious alien race.

Sue Graham's final mission was to document the viability of new technology used by Shadow Fighters to become invisible to Invid sensors.

During her time in Reflex Point, her team was attacked by the Invid and instead of helping them, she stood far away recording the battle to analyze the Invid's tactics, after the battle, she sent all the video recorded to Moonbase ALuCE.

She met the Robotech Resistance after they stumbled upon the battlefield where Sue's team was wiped out, after exploring the area, they were attacked by the Invid, Graham, taking the opportunity, entered the battle to record the Invid with no regard of the group's life, after fending them off, she introduced herself to the group and informed them about the development of the new Shadow technology used in the Alpha Veritech to trick Invid sensors, the revelation that she decided to let her team being wiped out just to have more footage of the Invid in action led to the team to distrust her.

Sue Graham showing the new Shadow Technology to the group.

The next day, the group was attacked by the Invid again and Graham refused to help the group just to have more footage of the Invid, after they managed to shot down one of the Invid, she went to investigate the remnants of the Invid Fighter only to discover Thade, green-blooded human crawling out of the fighter, while recording the strange human, she was hit by an Invid missile and left heavily wounded.

She's later found by Scott and his team and tells them that the Invid now had the ability to transform themselves into Human-like beings. In her final moments, Scott asked her if all she had recorded had been worth her death, to which she replied that it was.