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"Symphony of Light"
Robotech: The New Generation, Episode 85
Air date 28 June, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech: The New Generation 25: Dark Finale (Part 2)
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"Symphony of Light" is the final episode of the original 85 episode run of Robotech.


In the series finale, Scott Bernard and his group fights both the Invid and REF to make time for the Regess to abandon the planet before the REF fires their new Neutron-S Missiles on Reflex Point, a move that would spell doom for the entire population of Earth, human and Invid alike.


Corg and Scott engage in a deadly aerial dogfight, forcing Rand and Rook to join the fray in order to stop him. Ultimately, Corg is defeated, and the Regess feels the death of her child, as well as all of the Invid that die in battle against the REF forces both on the ground and in space above.

Finally realizing that the cycle of violence will only continue, and it matters little which race is slaughtered, the Regess declares that she will take all of the Invid, and -- consuming all of the remaining protoculture on the planet -- take to the stars to find a new form for their ever-changing evolution, in a "higher plane." Noting that the humans are tainted by the shadow of the Robotech Masters, and bent on their own self-destruction, the Regess transforms into a giant stream of energy, and departs the Earth, with the rest of the Invid following suit.

Except for two: Sera chooses to remain on Earth, content to stay with Lancer and understand her feelings for him, while Ariel too stays behind.

In celebration over the Invid abandoning the planet, Lancer puts on one final show as Yellow Dancer, revealing his true identity near the end of the concert, much to the surprise of most of the audience. He dedicates a final song to Scott Bernard, who has chosen a new mission.

Scott takes to the stars in his Alpha, his new objective being the search for Admiral Hunter and the SDF-3, which has become lost during the Expeditionary mission to the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Meanwhile, Ariel promises to wait for Scott's return...on her new home -- Earth.

Background information

  • Symphony of Light was based on the original Japanese episode of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA entitled "Hikari no Shinfonī" (Meaning "Symphony of Light" in English) that was aired 23 March, 1984 in Japan.



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