Tactical Battlepod
Battlepod ep 3
Affiliation: Zentraedi Fleet
Height: 17.4 m
Depth: 8.1 m
Breadth: 8.0 m
Armaments: 2 x Heavy particle cannons
2 x 22.3mm autocannons
2 x light air defense lasers
Defences: Light armor
Crew: 1 pilot

Tactical Battlepods (also known as Regult) were a class of Standard Infantry Battlepod that served in the Zentraedi Armada. These were the standard class of mecha used by the Imperial Zentraedi Forces.


These mecha made use of multiple thrusters that are used to navigate through difficult surface terrain but also allowed them to move during space operations and even functioned underwater. The design has meant that it is not only versatile but a battle-tested design. As a result, Tactical Battlepods have been produced in large numbers and led to numerous variants that are adapted for a wide range of combat roles. The key to their successful usage is the fact that they are simple, speedy, highly mobile and contained a large amount of firepower. In addition, their construction is meant to be efficient that allows them to be rapidly manufactured from automated assembly lines which allows them to be normally deployed in large numbers for massive attacks. Whilst easily produced, the Standard Infantry Battlepod has a history of being easily serviced in the field. This proved to be a vital element as it allowed average Zentraedi soldiers to repair the craft even with their limited technical knowledge.

In terms of weaponry, the Battlepod had two main cannons that are highly destructive to large armored targets such as Destroids produced by Earth. In addition, a secondary array of armaments are used to provide weapons to be used against more lighter and faster moving enemies. Lastly, the mecha's articulated legs allowed it to advance or jump quickly through most obstacles. Though holding a large number of advantages, one of the weaknesses of the design was a vulnerability in that the design lacked heavy armor as this was sacrificed in favor of mobility. The Battlepod design also did not allow it to deflect incoming fire and its power systems had the tendency to explode if pierce by explosive rounds. Despite these shortcomings, the design was typical of Zentraedi strategy who preferred the use of large overwhelming numbers against their enemies with no regard to the survivability of their soldiers.


The Tactical Battlepod were widely seen in combat against Human forces during the First Robotech War. Following the marriage of Miriya Sterling and Max Sterling, she informed him weak spots within Battlepods with the purpose of disabling the Zentraedi mecha instead of destroying them. This was with the express purpose of promoting peace between Humanity and the Zentraedi.


The upgraded TBP-Z1 was supposed to appear in Robotech II: The Sentinels.


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For the Macross equivalent, visit Regult.

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