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The Battle of Reflex Point was the final conflict of the Third Robotech War. It took place both in space and surrounding the Invid stronghold of Reflex Point on July 18, 2044.


The third Earth Reclamation Force began gathering at Moon Base ALuCE on July 2nd. While initially meant to be led by Admiral Rick Hunter on board the SDF-3, delays in the Omicron Sector led General Gunther Reinhardt on the SDF-4 to take command of the offensive.


In an attempt to end the war quickly and decisively, General Reinhardt authorized the use of the new Neutron-S missiles before reports on the weapons were recieved from the SDF-3 and Deukalion. The Invid Regess reacted to these weapons by evacuating her people from the planet, destroying the missiles, and consuming much of the UEEF's reserve of protoculture in a single, mass transmutation.


The battle and subsequent Invid exodus left the REF fleet severely reduced and depleted of energy. The bulk of the remaining fleet returned to Space Station Liberty for repair and refueling.


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