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For the episode, see Final Nightmare.

The Final Nightmare was a Robotech novel written by Jack McKinney and published in 1987. It was the third of three novels focusing on Robotech: The Masters, and was collected into the Robotech: The Masters Saga: The Southern Cross omnibus.


The Robotech Masters' war against Earth has become even more desperate: the Protoculture Matrix is now degenerating, transforming into the Flower of Life, which is sure to draw the savage, merciless Invid across the galaxy. Meanwhile, Dana Sterling, half-alien commander of an elite Hovertank unit, is waging a desperate personal war to uncover the meaning of her strange Visions, and the secrets of her alien heritage. Humans lock in mortal combat with the Masters' clone hordes in a clash of tremendous war machines. Zor Prime, reincarnation of the discoverer of Protoculture, struggles to regain his lost memories and unlock his tormented past. As the apocalyptic war comes to the final, decisive battle, Dana Sterling realizes to her horror that . . . EVEN VICTORY SPELLS UTTER DISASTER!!

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