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The Sentinels 3-in-1 was an omnibus of the three novelizations of Robotech II: The Sentinels by Jack McKinney. The novels included are The Devils Hand, Dark Powers and Death Dance. The omnibus contained new appendices written by Robotech fan Jonathan L. Switzer correcting any newborn mistakes caused by "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" movie.


The Devil's Hand

In 2020, a new battle fortress, the SDF-3, was tasked with a trip across the galaxy to make peace with Tirol's Robotech Masters. But the Robotech Masters were already on their way to Earth. And at Tirol, the SDF-3 would face the galaxy's fiercest warlord: the Invid Regent!

Dark Powers

Stranded on the far side of the galaxy after battling the Invid hordes, the Robotech Expeditionary Force's chances for survival were slim. But suddenly a starship unlike any other appeared -- manned by an incredible assortment of beings determined to challenge the Invid Regent himself! REF volunteers and their war mecha signed on for a campaign that would mean their destruction -- or liberty for the planets of the Sentinels!

Death Dance

Four months had passed without a word from the Sentinels. Fearing the worst, the Expeditionary Mission to Tirol began truce negotiations with the Invid Regent himself. But far away, the surviving Sentinels were stranded on Praxis, a planet in cataclysm. Deep within that world's core were answers to the Sentinels' prayers -- if they could only reach them before Praxis tore itself apart...

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