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This work is not considered Canon in the Robotech universe. Either it was never meant to be canon or was later reconnected out of continuity. On this site, we consider any works that majority contradict primary material or has been officially resigned by the Robotech team to be non-canon.

The Zentraedi Rebellion was the 19th book in the Robotech novel series, and part of "The Lost Generation". It took place between Robotech: The Macross Saga and Robotech: The Masters. The novel featured a follow-on to the Malcontent Uprisings.

Due to decanonization of the Robotech novels in The Sentinels and Lost Generation as well the novel, The End of the Circle, the events depicted here are no longer considered part of the current continuity.


Not everyone was eager to share the planet Earth with the Zentraedi survivors of the First Robotech War. There was little prospect of a lasting peace, as the tensions in the Southlands gave rise to two opposing forces, and each vowed to fight until the other was eradicated. Caught between the two rivals was the Robotech Defense Force. Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Max and Miriya Sterling, Breetai, and others who would all have their parts to play in the period that came to be called the Malcontent Uprisings….


The novel begins after the destruction of New Macross City and follows the heroes of the RDF as they deal with the aftermath.

Meanwhile, Anatole Leonard gains power in the south as he forms the Army of the Southern Cross.

In response to increasing malcontentism, the RDF initiates "Operation Tiger" - blockading the Arkansas Protectorate, a Zentraedi-centric city.

At the same time, Lazlo Zand experiments on himself. Also Rick Hunter asks Lisa Hayes to marry him.

As the situation expands, the RDF withdraws from the Southlands. Although the plot to steal the SDF-3 was foiled, and the malcontents were largely defeated, Seloy Deparra's band of Scavengers grew to develop a plan to release a virus: The Madness.




A lot of the storyline and events first appeared in Robotech II: The Sentinels: The Malcontent Uprisings.

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