Tirolian Heavy Cruisers were vessels employed the military forces of the Robotech Masters and were amongst the most heavily armed ships known. They were typically deployed from large holds within the Tirolian Motherships and served as escorts for their much larger counterparts.

These Tirolian craft were not equipped with force fields but were still sturdy craft that were able to absorb much punishment before they were destroyed. Amongst their heavy weapons included bombardment fusion cannons that faced forward and were mounted on the four bent cannon barrels which gave them a clear visual distinction. The central section bulged out slightly in the horizontal whereupon it barrowed again towards the main engines.

A number of these cruisers accompanied the Robotech Masters during their trek to Earth and thus participated in the Second Robotech War. During that time, they were responsible for many kills against the Army of the Southern Cross spaceships. Several were deployed in an ambush of General Rolf Emersons forces based on intelligence taken from Zor Prime but were destroyed when Emerson's flagship used a molecular vacuum to destroy them. It was known that only a few of these heavy cruisers survived the Robotech Wars.


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