Tokugawa approaching Optera

The Tokugawa over Optera.

The Tokugawa was a Tokugawa-class battleship operated by the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

It was possibly the Prototype of the class due to the common convention of naming the first vessel after the class.

The Tokugawa underwent a refit following T. R. Edwards rebellion against the REF and was launched a year later under the command of Captain Vince Grant to hunt down Edwards and his Invid allies. Assigned to the Tokugawa were Wolf Squadron and an elite Zentraedi force under the command of Breetai. (Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles: "The Enemy Within")

Tokugawa hit by synchro cannon

The Tokugawa receives major damage from a blast from the Icarus's Synchro cannon.

The Tokugawa tracked Edwards to Optera, the Invid homeworld and was engaged by the Icarus and the Regent's carrier. The Tokugawa proved to be no match for the Icarus, which crippled the ship with two blasts from its Synchro cannon. After Edwards proved to be a traitor twice over by betraying the Invid Regent and destroying the Regent's carrier, the resulting shockwave destabilized the Tokugawa's orbit. The Tokugawa was sent crashing to the surface of Optera, destroying the vessel, although the crew escaped in escape pods and two Horizon-V class dropships. (Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles: "Retribution", "Necessary Evil")

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