The United Earth Forces are the military branch of the United Earth Government in the Robotech universe.


The United Earth Forces are the unified military forces of the United Earth Government that established to defend the human race against alien aggression, they consist of several branches.[1]


Robotech Defense Force

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The Robotech Defense Force was the unified combatant command primarily responsible for the defense of the planet Earth from the Zentradi invasion of 2009, during the First Robotech War of 2009-2011.

Army of the Southern Cross

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The ASC is the force tasked with defending Earth from the Robotech Masters, who came to retrieve the Protoculture Factory, following the failure of the Zentraedi during the First Robotech War.

Robotech Expeditionary Force

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The Robotech Expeditionary Force defended Earth from the Invid invasion, taking part in The Battle of Reflex Point and the Fourth Robotech War afterwards.


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