So I dreamed I was watching a Fugitive Red-Eye vid about a Saban attempt to bring over Go Nagai Anime and would connect it to other shows like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as made of 3 Sentai shows edited together. I saw a video produced by Saban where Rick and Lisa Hunter from The Sentinels were in ruins of a city as Mazinger Z Vs a differently made Mazinger Z fought and Amano and Megumi from Urotsukidoji came in with Megumi blocking blasts. I considered getting screencaps for an anime site I'm on as its not fanart but actual anime footage even if made by another company. Also 90s anime Trini and Billy in their Power Rangers outfits with Trini's helmet off were in the gray rubble and it would be like when the Power Rangers crossed over with the Masked Rider. In 1 part I was in my 90s home and reading of how things we liked as kids like Dr. Seuss and German Expressionist Silent Films were not fun anymore and in 1 pat I saw a Kangaroo like creature in the neighborhood. Later I saw this big black race horse come by and go into the house across the street and I closed the door so it wouldn't kill me. 1 part had me in the backyard and a skunk in there jumped like 10 feet diagonally to the fence and I avoided it to avoid the smell. Also was me in my 2010s home and sometimes it was my grandmas home but more like her 80s home. Oh and something about me in my 90s kitchen getting food from the fridge and there was a pack of hamburger buns in the freezer and me getting some other food.

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