So I was thinking about how Anatole Leonard was typically depicted in the novels and comics in a negative light. In the show he was more stubborn and aggressive where as some other media makes him a traitor, a degenerate or the antagonist. I started thinking about his motivation in season 2. Why was he so dead set on overpowering the aliens at any cost. Then I recalled how he survived the 1st Robotech war. His planet was devastated by aliens that were not stopped by peace talks. With him in the military back then I can see him feeling unsettled by his higher ups failure to save the earth. Then the aliens who attacked started living on Earth, but many went malcontent and attacked the humans. Then the expeditionary force takes most of the weapons for another peace mission that he objected to, and was ignored on. When the aliens did attack I can see him finally having enough and wanting to stop the invaders at any cost. He's seen peace strategy fail twice before and doesn't want his planet ruined again. He's been ignored for too long and now that he's in power he's not letting anyone screw it up. When you look at it like that, he doesn't seem as bad as the comics and novels turned him into. His motivations (although you may disagree with them) sorta make sense. Everyone does something for a reason. We may not see or understand that reason. But it does to them.