i had a dream about watching Robotech II the sentinels where skeleton vampires got mr freeze's ice gun from gotham and were freeing people and other skeleton vampires and using silver blades on em to see if they were immune while frozen (they weren't ) Exedore was in a Zentraedi officer battlepod and hid as Max Sterling in his sentinels design was outside on the ice planet (maybe in a mech or armor). he got freaked out and fired at the stars above and the laser blast came down and hit the snow an caused an underground avalanche in the vampire caves that nearly swept Exedore away. there was this little anime id in a spacesuit and he was frozen by the ice gun and my cousin said in the Japanese version he died but they edited it in the dub. Macross style Rick and Minmei were exposed to the ice planet atmosphere when their mansion windows broke and they turned blue (but survived) Exedore was moved to help them and i wondered if this is what made him join the RDF/REF. in 1 scene, Exedore came out of being partly buried in snow. I remembered how people had been trapped underwater for like 20 minutes and survived so Rick could last on this ice planet. later they had a memorial for the kid who bit it and had his ghost/spirit/memory kneeling over a flower growing in the snow and an edited in thing of the kid being alive but both looked like they were drawn in crayon and they dance or something. Also this was an episode of that PBS kids show Arthur.