VF-1A Valkyrie
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
vehicle mode
Length: 14.2 m
Width: 3.8 m
Height: 8.3 m
guardian mode
Length: 11.0 m
Width: 8.7 m
Height: 8.3 m
battloid mode
Height: 12.7 m
Depth: 4.0 m
Breadth: 7.3 m
Armaments: 1 x LLW-20 CIWS head laser
1 x GU-11 gun pod
4 x wing hardpoints
2 x LPWS-12 nose lasers (SDF-1 upgrade only)
Number of Pilots: 1

The VF-1A Valkyrie was a three-mode variable fighter. It was mass production version of the Valkyrie and was flown by most pilots in the RDF. Most of these veritechs were painted with a brown and white color scheme, earning the nickname "Brownies". It became known among the Zentraedi as "Cannon Fodder".

Jack Archer, Ben Dixon, and Maximillian Sterling all flew VF-1As during the first part of their careers, each with a unique color scheme. Rick Hunter also flew a regular one during his RDF training.

Behind the scenes

VF-1As are mistakenly drawn as VF-1D Valkyries in "Wedding Bells".

Wing Hardpoints

The VF-1 series Veritech fighters can mount weaponry on up to 4 wing hardpoints. (Robotech: The Macross Saga Sourcebook) Each hardpoint can carry:

  • 3 medium range missiles
  • 2 long-range missiles
  • 1 MLOP (containing 15 mini-missiles)
  • 1,125 kg of gravity bombs


Tertiary sources


For the Macross equivalent, visit VF-1A Valkyrie.

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