The VF-8 Logan, also known as Light Veritech Fighter, was the mecha of the Southern Cross. The Logan was a Human-designed Veritech used during the Second Robotech War.


This type of veritech mecha was considered amongst the smallest fielded in Earth's armies and were deployed in large numbers. The tiny profile of the fighter was designed to make it a difficult target to hit yet allowed the pilot to remain nimble. They were designed for space combat, though it needed to be shuttled into orbit by a transport or warship. When maneuvering in space, the veritech made use of two counter-vernier thrusters on the shoulders in order to compensate for the lack of an airbrake.

In Battloid mode, the Logan retained its upward thrust in the feed and forward thrust in the main engines which were located in the rear. Its secondary mode was often mistaken for a Guardian configuration though it was actually a full Battloid despite the similar appearance. In Guardian mode, the leg joints were concave and similar to "bird legs" whilst the Battloid form stood fully erect with fully humanoid bipedal locomotion. In addition, transformed Logans folded their wings in Battloid mode.

In terms of weapons, the crafts armaments were considered light and were unable to reliably target the Robotech Masters' Bioroids. Another noted problem with the Logan was the fact that its small wings limited the amount of lift it was capable of achieving and thus impacted on its value as a fighter.


The Sentinels

During the launch of the Pioneer Expedition, a number of Logan fighters were transported onboard the SDF-3 for the planned mission to Tirol. However, a problem with the Space Fold engines meant that their journey took longer than expected and the planet was abandoned with its populace conquered by the forces of the Regent. This brought the Robotech Expeditionary Force in direct confrontation with those of the alien Invid. During initial entry into Tirolspace, a pair of Logans were used to retrieve a shuttle pod that had journeyed with the SDF-3 after being sucked into the Fold vortex. To rescue the two passengers on the pod, Jonathan Wolfe and his wingman were assigned with the recovery mission which succeeded before the Invid attacked the defenseless shuttle.

Southern Cross

Logan with beta rolling thunder

Alternative Logans in 2030. (Robotech: Rolling Thunder)

During the Second Robotech War, the Logan was deployed in large numbers during early engagements against the clone forces of the Robotech Masters. Among the noted pilots of these fighters was Lieutenant Marie Crystal. The Logan fared poorly in the Second Robotech War, and it was quickly eclipsed by the Armored Gyro Assault Chopper in space and by the non-transformable fighters like the FA-112 Chimera in the air.


Tertiary sources

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