VFB-9 Beta
MEC 24 5 1400
Affiliation: Robotech Expeditionary Force
vehicle mode
Length: 9.7 m
Width: 19.5 m
Height: 6.1 m
guardian mode
Length: 8 m
Width: 8.5 m
Height: 19.5 m
battloid mode
Height: 13.7 m
Depth: 7.3 m
Breadth: 8.5 m
Armaments: 3 x 3-barreled 80mm pulse beam cannons
2 x 3-barreled pulse beam cannons
2 x chest missile launchers
2 x shoulder missile launchers
1 x bomb bay
3 x hardpoints on each wing capable of carrying long-range missiles or multiple ejection launchers.
Number of Pilots: 1

The VFB-9 Beta (commonly just called the Beta fighter) was a human designed Veritech that saw service in the Third Robotech War. The Beta had the unique ability to join up with the VFA-6 Alpha, giving the smaller craft much greater thrust and firepower.


The Beta Fighter was able to attach to a Veritech Alpha Fighter to give it added firepower as well as speed and maneuverability to all modes of the Alpha.

Alone, the Beta fighter could be used as a maneuverable fast fighter bomber with a large assortment of weapons. The Beta fighter has enough missiles that it would be able to wipe out 2 squadrons of enemy fighters in a single pass. This allowed even the most unskilled pilot able to do extensive damage to an enemy.


It was tested prior to the departure of the Pioneer Expedition in 2022. They were not available for the first Earth Reclamation Force mission in 2038, but saw extensive use during the Second and Third ERF missions.

Scott Bernard's band of resistance fighters salvaged a Beta from Point K.



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