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Rand in his Cyclone holding an EP-40 ion pulse pistol

A Cyclone in armor mode

The VR-052 Cyclone was the standard variable motorcycle/armor mecha of the Robotech Expeditionary Force infantry. The Cyclone came in two modes, the -T model used for light assault missions and was armed with an EP-40 Ion Pulse Pistol, and the -F version for frontline assaults, with forearm-mounted mini missiles. Pilots wore the CVR-3 body armor, which provided attachment points for the mecha's battloid mode. The VR-052 provided a balance between firepower and speed, and was carried aboard Alpha Fighters in case of emergency.

Scott Bernard used a VR-052 during his time on Earth in the Third Robotech War. The Invid hybrid known as Locke also used this model. (Robotech: Invasion)

Invasion game Lock w Cyclone 1

Locke finds his Cyclone. (Robotech: Invasion)


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