A VR-052 with a Super Cyclone in a background

The VR-057 Veritech Super Cyclone, also known as the Devastator series, was a Cyclone weapon system model developed by the end of the Third Robotech War.

This experimental series saw only a limited number of prototypes developed for use in order to test their effectiveness of a number of newly developed weaponry. The final version was armed with a 70 kj Rail gun that fired bursts of high speed sabot rounds with armor piercing capabilities. Furthermore, its arsenal included the newly developed H-260 Valiant rifles. [citation needed]

Behind the scenes

The Super Cyclone was created for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. The mecha was originally based off concept art for Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, where it became known as a fan-made design called the Devastator. The Devastator name was brought into the Robotech saga with the VR-055 Devastator Cyclone, which was then replaced with the VR-057.