Vanessa Leeds was a RDF bridge officer stationed aboard the SDF-1 during the First Robotech War. She, along with Kim and Sammie, formed an invaluable trio of bridge operators that control and monitor the SDF-1’s systems. As the surveillance officer of the SDF-1, Vanessa monitored the ship’s radar and positioning systems.

Most of her duties consisted of monitoring enemy activity via radar until Lisa Hayes was promoted. After this point she worked more closely with Hayes.

Behind the scenes

Despite being one of the crew members presumed dead in To the Stars, in episode 37, during Supreme Commander Leonard's speech, she is not mentioned as having been killed in action during the attack. Some has taken this to mean that she also survived the attack. Spin-off material, however, has consistently shown her perishing in the battle.


For the Macross equivalent, visit Vanessa Laird.

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