Veidt was a male Haydonite who served the Awareness in achieving its great plan.




Veidt of the Sentinels. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

During the war between the Invid and Robotech Masters, the world of Haydon IV remained neutral in the conflict as it was impenetrable due to its formidable defensive systems. Whilst Prime Administrator Vowad and many of his kin did not wish to interfere in galactic events, Veidt and others believed that neutrality was not an option in face of a threat like the Invid. During this time, Veidt also became linked to his mate, Sarna who was the daughter of Vowad. The pair was later captured by Tesla who imprisoned them on the Farrago as objects of study and were to be sent to the Regess as a gift from her husband the Regent. During this time, the slave crew managed to muntiny and take over the vessel from the Invid. Deciding to band together to liberate their worlds, this group of aliens from the Local Group took the name of the Sentinels from an old Zentraedi term. They became dedicated in liberating their homeworlds from the Invid threat and Veidt served in a semi-official role as leader as well as ambassador.

The group later travelled to Tirol after learning it was freed from the Regent's rule by Humans of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. In this time, Veidt introduced himself and his colleagues as well as asked the REF for their help in freeing their homeworlds. As such, he and his colleagues worked together in the Sentinel campaign which saw Karbarra and Garuda freed from the Invid's grasp. Haydon IV was likewise liberated but at the cost of Sarna's death which convinced Vowad to lend his people's full support by providing the Ark Angel. Veidt served a critical role in the control and management of the large Haydonite vessel.

Shadow Chronicles

After the betrayal of General T. R. Edwards, Veidt and the Sentinels offered their assistance to the REF. With the help of the Haydonites, the Expeditionary Force was able to reverse engineer the mysterious Shadow Technology that Edwards forces had uncovered and equipped themselves with. During this time, ambassador Veidt was essential in providing technological upgrades for a new android body for Janice Em.

During the Fourth Robotech War, he held the position of a commander and served in a triumvirate ruling council of his people. Among his kin, he held the most experience in dealing with alien species due to his involvement with the Sentinels coalition.

Behind the Scenes

Veidt is not identified by name in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles though Robotech: The Art of the Shadow Chronicles; identifies him as one of the three leading Haydonites that led the attack against the REF.