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Vermilion Squad Blind Game

Max Sterling, Ben Dixon and Rick Hunter of Vermilion Squad in their Veritechs (Robotech: The Macross Saga: Blind Game)

Vermillion Squadron was a VF-1 Valkyrie team led by then-Lieutenant Rick Hunter, formed during the SDF-1's journey home. His wingmen were Max Sterling and Ben Dixon.

At one point during the journey, they were captured by the Zentraedi during a recon mission and interrogated by Dolza, although they escaped back to the SDF-1.

Vermillion was disbanded after the SDF-1's exile and the death of Dixon, and integrated into Skull Squadron.

According to one source, after the SDF-1 returned home, Hunter trained Hiro Amano for the Vermillion, but he was killed by a rogue squadron led by Raven. Hunter went on to stop his killers and their Zentaredi ally, Khyron. (Robotech: Vermilion)


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