The YF-4 Lightning, also known as the VF-X-4, was the prototype of the VF-4 Lightning Advanced Veritech Fighter. It had been a concept since at least 2014, but did not actually see creation until 2015. Some source suggest that the vehicle was abandoned due to cost, while others suggest that different models of the vehicle could still be in use through the Second Robotech War and up to the start of the Third Robotech War in 2031, although in limited numbers.


YF-4 Rick Plays 23

Rick with his model version of the YF-4 (Macross Saga: To the Stars)

Rick Hunter owned a model of the YF-4 in January 2014, long before the first was known to be built. He played with it while considering if he should quit the military, as Lynn Minmei wanted. (Macross Saga: To the Stars)

The YF-4 was in service at least by 2015. In that year Captain Rick Hunter took the YF-4 into battle after Wolf Squadron was ambushed by rebel Zentraedi. Despite a transformation malfunction that prevented the YF-4 from changing into Guardian mode, Hunter was easily able to destroy two Destroid Monsters.

Misfits VF-7

A YF-4 used as a drop-ship during the Second Robotech War. (Robotech: The Misfits)

Following the incident, Doctor Emil Lang chastised Hunter for risking the valuable prototype. (From the Stars: 0: Promises)

Introduction VF-7

A YF-4 in 2031. (Introduction)

According to one source, a YF-4 was used to deliver Madalyne Hyser to her Army of the Southern Cross base in Africa. (Robotech: The Misfits)

At the start of the Invid invasion, a YF-4 out of UN Luna Base Four escorted Bird Dog on its patrol; although the escorts were destroyed when the Invid arrived. (Introduction)

Behind the scenes


The newly-designed three modes

The YF-4 appeared only in fighter form as a display model. Although a three-mode transformation exists for Super Dimension Fortress Macross, it is not valid.

New transformations were made for the fighter for its appearance in Robotech RPG Tactics, but it was never released as part of the canceled Wave Two line.


Secondary continuity

Tertiary Sources


For the Macross equivalent, visit VF-X-4.

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