The YF-4 Lightning, also known as the VF-X-4, was the prototype of the VF-4 Lightning Advanced Veritech Fighter.


The YF-4 was in service at least by 2015. In that year Captain Rick Hunter took the YF-4 into battle after Wolf Squadron was ambushed by rebel Zentraedi. Despite a transformation malfunction that prevented the YF-4 from changing into Guardian mode, Hunter was easily able to destroy two Destroid Monsters. Following the incident Doctor Emil Lang chastised Hunter for risking the valuable prototype. (From the Stars: 0: Promises)

According to one source, a YF-4 was used to deliver Madalyne Hyser to her Army of the Southern Cross base in Africa. (Robotech: The Misfits)

At the start of the Invid invasion, a YF-4 out of UN Luna Base Four escorted Bird Dog on its patrol, although the escorts were destroyed when the Invid arrived. (Introduction)

Other appearances

YF-4 Rick Plays 23

Rick with his model version of the YF-4 (Macross Saga: To the Stars)

Rick Hunter earned a model of the YF-4 years before the first was known to be built, and played with it as he considered Minmei's suggestion for him to leave the military (Macross Saga: To the Stars)


Secondary continuity



For the Macross equivalent, visit VF-4 Lightning III.

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