The Zentraedi Carrier is a large space naval vessel that was used by the Imperial Zentraedi Forces. Their actual name is the Quiltra Queleual class Multi-purpose Transport Vessel.


These vessels are primarily used by the Zentraedi as general purpose armed transports and troop ships. Their external appearance implies its primary role as a Carrier that held massive troop numbers and a large cargo capacity. They were extremely utilitarian and shaped similar to a brick as this is designed to maximize their usable internal space. Its role in the battlefield meant it is not intended to fight in any ship-to-ship engagements as their armaments are used mostly for self-defense. Thus, the role of large scale fighting is left to the ships escorts. Its Beam cannon is, however, able to provide fire support for any troops deployed onto the battlefield

According to some texts, these naval ships are occasionally also used as a tank landing ship though this is partially incorrect as the Carrier was not capable of landing by itself. Instead, it was only able to land on a surface on specially prepared starports otherwise its contents needed to be deployed by way of dropships. Beyond its troop ship function, these Carriers are able to serve also as a standard tender, transport and tanker for the Zentraedi fleet due to their large volume. However, such duties require the naval ship to be refitted of either all or part of the interior.


The Zentraedi Carrier served as a vessel for the Zentraedi during their service to the Tirolian Empire. After the loss of the SDF-1, the Zentraedi were dispatched to retrieve Zor's lost battle fortress. As a result, the Imperial Zentraedi Forces discovered Earth and numerous Carriers fought in the First Robotech War.



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